Make a Simple Felt Bow in 3 Minutes!

I've been asked to do this tutorial by many so I thought it's about time to reveal my 3-minute DIY felt bow magic! It's super easy and you don't need a lot of stuff~

Look how a bow can make anything 100 times cuter!

Little Twin Stars bag is courtesy of my friend Leen from Doitsu Panda <3


Oshiete, カイラ!

(Oshiete means "teach me" in Japanese. Lol, I'm also teaching you guys basic Japanese with my DIY tutorials 8D )


You need felt, fabric glue (Mighty Bond / glue gun, whichever!), a pair of scissors, a pin.. and hair elastic bands. For this, I recycled my "used" ones so I won't feel bad for using the new ones.

Haha, I'm so cheap!

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ONE PIECE (ワンピース)-inspired Mini Yukata by Kaila

Last night was so productive! From 9PM until 3:00 in the morning, I was working on my overdue sewing project: ONE PIECE mini Yukata!

Actually, I just started watching this series a few weeks ago  (since everyone here in Japan is almost crazy over this anime)... Hundreds to go~ Yay!

At the right is my mini yukata made out of recycled musha nobori ^^v

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Top 8 D.I.Y. Fashion Favorites

Here are my current top favorites (in no specific order, because these are all absolutely creative) of DIY fashion!

If only I had all the time in the world, I would surely scout for materials and spend days in my room doing all of these..!


1.  DIY Polkadotted Jeans by Jenny Bevlin




3. Jersey Weave Sweatshirt by The Forge

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