Plushies On Your Favorite Sneakers!

Hello everyone! Here's a crazy kawaii DIY suggestion from your sensei Kaira~


And by the way....  those are DIY shoelaces too!


Let's Start!

You will be needing:

Old / cheap plushies (small size) + small or medium-sized safety pins, ribbon lace, scotch tape.. and some colorful rings (optional).

And of course, bring out your favorite sneaks! I'll be using my favorite floral platform shoes ^^v

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DIY Kawaii & Yummy Cake with Koara no Machi!

Do you want to surprise a friend with something you've designed / personally made on his or her birthday?

Here's a super quick & fun DIY suggestion by someone who doesn't have an oven at her place.. hehe ^^

Koala Chocolate Chiffon Cake by Kaila ~


Quick, easy.. and fun!

You need:

A plain chiffon cake / cupcake, chocolate cream, whipped cream, cornflakes / cereal ..

some m&m's (how do you call this kind haha), maccha powder (or any coffee powder sachet),

If you have some merengue (frozen icing?) at home, you can include that as well.

Of course, don't forget a pack of Koala's March (コアラのマーチ) or a Hello Panda!

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DIY Kawaii & Chunky Deco iPhone Case

Ever wanted to purchase a deco phone case but you thought it was just tooooo way out of your budget / your phone is different....?  Here's an easy & fun DIY tutorial I've come up with~ ^^v 

After making one, I think I'm gonna make a lot and sell : ))


How to..?

You will need:

Hello Kitty stickers from a reader (Celina) + plain phone case (which I got for 100 yen!) + your nail polish collection

Don't use expensive nail polish because it would be too wasteful.

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