Kawaii Deco Domo-kun Keychain!

Here's a really easy & chunky Deco Domo-kun that I recently designed. ☆ I had so much fun doing it! Hoping this post would be convincing enough for you to create your customized Domoくん as well~ ^^v

Looks a bit different to the original Domo-kun (NHK's kawaii character) but it still looks pretty good.

... I think.

White domo as my inspiration.

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Girly Stuff Storage Tips

Hello Kawaii D.I.Y. lovers! October was such a busy month for me that's why I haven't updated ;_;


To make up for the time I wasn't posting, here are some (hopefully) helpful storage tips I'd like to share~!



I found these two cute plastic baskets from a 100 yen shop (Seria)!

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