Top 5 DIY of the Week!

Hello everyone!

Here's the Top 5 DIY  of the Week! <3 We've been loving these super kawaii tutorials on Pinterest on how you can make your own plushie! <3

And These are our favorites! :)

1. Make this adorable Yeti monster plushie with this step by step tutorial :)


2. Make this Giving bunny and give them to your friends. These bunnies are so cute! We will surely make one! <3


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TOP 5 Favorites DIY from The Pineneedle Collective Blog! <3

Hello everyone! <3

It's Fashion DIY Thursday here at Kawaii DIY!

We will be posting this super easy and fun Fashion DIYs for you every Thursday! And this week we will feature Annika Victoria of "The Pineneedle Collective".

Have you visited her blog before ? <3

She's so kawaii and all her DIYs are so sugoi!!! Im going to try some of it! You should too! <3 <3 <3


Here's my TOP 5 Favorite DIY from her! <3

1. DIY Melting Tights


2. Cage Suspender Skirt


3. DIY Phone Purse


4. DIY Cat Pockets

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Kawaii Food DIY by Mimiclaire Sweets!

Hello Hello Hello! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

Today is Kawaii food DIY Wednesday! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

Every Wednesday we will be featuring Yummy and easy Tutorials of Kawaii Food by talented people in the internet! (/^▽^)/ YUM YUM! ❤

For this week, we will be featuring Mimiclaire Sweets!



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