DIY Ripped Galaxy Jeans

There have been many times when I'd almost buy a pair of galaxy tights or jeans from an online shop..... but for some reason, the thought that I can just "do it my own" would always bug me as well! And finally, I've done it! So happy with the result and how much it had just cost me.. which was only the time of doing it. Didn't spend a single yen~! Weee~

(faint) galactic splash on a second-hand pair of skinny jeans!


First of all, you need to sacrifice one of your sister's dark skinny jeans.

If you have acrylic paint (substitute for fabric paint) or any kind of paint that can't be removed through washing, it's time to reuse those again...

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Top 8 D.I.Y. Fashion Favorites

Here are my current top favorites (in no specific order, because these are all absolutely creative) of DIY fashion!

If only I had all the time in the world, I would surely scout for materials and spend days in my room doing all of these..!


1.  DIY Polkadotted Jeans by Jenny Bevlin




3. Jersey Weave Sweatshirt by The Forge

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