Lolita Fashion DIY on Pinterest

Hello everyone! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Today will be all about Lolita Fashion! Yay! <3

Lolita Fashion is so popular these days. And some Lolita Stuff are really expensive, we feel you guys :)

So, we searched some fun and very easy tutorials on Pinterest on how to make some Lolita stuff that you can try! <3

Here's are favorites!

1. DIY Lolita Crown


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Kawaii Mini Tophat Tutorial

Planning to attend a lolita-themed or Harajuku steet fashion-like event? Why not make your own accessories and props? Here's a super easy tutorial on how to make a mini tophat! :-) 

During the Design Festa event ~

My Blythe modeling it for me~


You will be needing cardboard paper (any thick paper that's strong enough), plain/flat metal hair clip, scissors, felt cloth, pen, strong glue (or you can use glue gun), lace, ribbons, quirky stuff.

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DIY Schoolgirl Bow Tie

Last night, I rediscovered a yard of satin cloth (from a recycled dress) and thought that I should make something out of it...

.... and this was the result:

DIY schoolgirl bow tie!

You can wear this using just a plain collared shirt + cardigan for an instant preppy x lolita look!

For this tutorial, I will suggest that you use a sewing machine (since satin is sometimes too flimsy).

But then again, you can just use a needle & thread.

Then get a ribbon since you will use this to hang the schoolgirl bow tie around your neck.


Hajimemashou! Let's start!

Cut a rectangular strip of satin cloth. My satin cloth has creases so it's hard to cut without following the lines.

Just estimate how long you want it to be. The actual size of the bow is around the half of this.

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