Simple Garter Skirt Tutorial (with Kero-chan!)

Ohisashiburi~! Waaah ;_; Gomen ne for the sudden hiatus! I've been wanting to post a Kawaii D.I.Y. tutorial but my new big project has been keeping me away from my craft materials  >_<

I surely missed doing this!! :")


 For this tutorial, Sensei カイラ would like to thank for generously sponsoring this メチャメチャ kawaii / kirei cherry blossom fabric! It's really soft and made of quality!

♥ I really, really love it! ♥

I also "remade" the plain white sweater with iron-on transfer ^^ I printed my favorite Cardcaptor Sakura art from Clamp to add an ota-cute touch to the coordinate. :")

I'm wearing Enji's pastel suki  (すき)earring perfect for SPRING! ^_~

I added some bows using the fabric too (used safety pins to attach).

Click here for the (similar) bow tutorial! <3

1, 2, 3.. Tutorial スタート!

For this tutorial, Kero-chan shall be assisting me.. hehe. Yay! ♥

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ONE PIECE (ワンピース)-inspired Mini Yukata by Kaila

Last night was so productive! From 9PM until 3:00 in the morning, I was working on my overdue sewing project: ONE PIECE mini Yukata!

Actually, I just started watching this series a few weeks ago  (since everyone here in Japan is almost crazy over this anime)... Hundreds to go~ Yay!

At the right is my mini yukata made out of recycled musha nobori ^^v

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