Transform Yourself Into Sailormoon!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the sudden hiatus. We had a mini revamp (new layout yay!) of Kawaii D.I.Y. to make room for future projects here! :)

Anyway, we're back! Here's a compilation of easy and Kawaii DIY hacks to transform yourself into our favorite magical girl , Sailormoon! From creating your own costume to your makeup! ^^v

Here they are!

First is from our favorite Yumi King! Here's her DIY Sailormoon dress!

yumi king sailormoon diy

Next is from Helen P. <3

Here's her DIY Sailormoon Costume!

helen P sailormoon diy

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Jeremy Scott-Inspired DIY Winged Sneakers

If you are a big fan of Jeremy Scott but you are broke to buy a pair of any of his famous / signature winged sneakers...

Here's a KAWAII D.I.Y. suggestion by Sensei カイラ!

Winged sneakers with lots of colorful love <3

Super easy and it only took me less than an hour to do this!

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