Jeremy Scott-Inspired DIY Winged Sneakers

If you are a big fan of Jeremy Scott but you are broke to buy a pair of any of his famous / signature winged sneakers...

Here's a KAWAII D.I.Y. suggestion by Sensei カイラ!

Winged sneakers with lots of colorful love <3

Super easy and it only took me less than an hour to do this!

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Surrounding The World With Cuteness (And Saving Girls From Boredom)

A forever rainbowholic and a kawaii lover, Japan-based blogger Kaila / カイラ tries to transform the world into a more cheerful place to live in… with cuteness.


 Kawaii D.I.Y. aims to inspire its readers to make simple yet creative projects while promoting eco-friendliness and self-productivity at the same time.


Save money,

reduce your room junk,

and come up with something quirky or fashionable -

by doing iyour own.

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