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“Kaila Sensei” ( is a self-improvement + tutorial resource blog filled with simple how-to’s, geeky tutorials & kawaii life hacks by yours truly.

This blog aims to teach and offer simplified tutorials with topics ranging from blogging, WordPress customization, e-commerce, goal-setting, personal branding, planning & strategizing, project management, turning your passion into work, finding your niche, and everything in between with cuteness as a twist.

Kaila Sensei aims to inspire its readers that anyone can do and achieve dreams, start a cause, make a name from scratch, and build a personal brand... as long as there is willingness to learn by heart.

Yes, you can still rule the world with that big red bow on your hair and establish your empire with your favorite jammies on.

Learn, simplify, strategize, plan ahead, be flexible with your strategies yet stubborn about your dreams, enjoy the process, breathe, and stay awesome. <3

Surrounding The World With Cuteness (And Saving Girls From Boredom)

A forever rainbowholic and a kawaii lover, Japan-based blogger Kaila / カイラ tries to transform the world into a more cheerful place to live in… with cuteness.


 Kawaii D.I.Y. aims to inspire its readers to make simple yet creative projects while promoting eco-friendliness and self-productivity at the same time.


Save money,

reduce your room junk,

and come up with something quirky or fashionable -

by doing iyour own.

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