Plushies On Your Favorite Sneakers!

Hello everyone! Here's a crazy kawaii DIY suggestion from your sensei Kaira~


And by the way....  those are DIY shoelaces too!


Let's Start!

You will be needing:

Old / cheap plushies (small size) + small or medium-sized safety pins, ribbon lace, scotch tape.. and some colorful rings (optional).

And of course, bring out your favorite sneaks! I'll be using my favorite floral platform shoes ^^v

Boring shoelaces right?

You can use satin lace! Those aren't just for gift-wrapping ;-)

Estimate or copy the length of the original shoelaces...

Make 2 pieces  / 1 pair of satin shoelaces.

Get an inch of scotch tape..

Roll it on the lace's ends and follow as shown above.

Cut the excess!

You now have a new pair of SHINY shoelaces!

Bring out your small plushies! For this tutorial, I bought some 100 yen icecream plushie cellphone straps..

You can use a carebear / panda plushie which is about 2 inches in all sides. It's really up to you! Don't throw away your old plushie keychains!!

Take note that the bigger the plushie, you might need more safety pins to attach that on your sneaks ^^v

Lace it up..

While attaching your plushies..

If you have random colorful rings at home or anything from a hobby shop, you can use that!

The way the pin is placed varies!

I suggest using small-sized pins so that it's easier to hide.

Put those circles around the lace...

Pin everything firmly! For one (1) icecream plushie, I had to use 2 small pins...


Don't forget to let me know what you think!


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