DIY Detachable Collar by Kaila

Finally had the time to make this super easy tutorial~! I'm sure you will be addicted to make your own detachable collars after this Kawaii D.I.Y. session~ hehehe :D

Possible output if you get crazy with your creativity! ^^v

Let's Start~!

You will be needing any cloth / piece of fabric (preferably 20 x 20 in), needle & thread, 1 1/2 A4 sized scratch paper / magazine sheet, hook and eye, deco / beads, studs (optional), ballpen..

'I forgot to include a pair of scissors and some pins in the photo btw)

The total width of your detachable collar should be around the size of 1 1/2 A4 sheet of paper or approx. 18 inches (long) :D

Fold your (cheap) pattern paper.

Create a 2.5-inch arc like this.

Cut it out~

Lay flat the pattern on the cloth. Make sure your pattern is smaller than your fabric..

Your fabric should be folded together as shown above ^^

Fold it into half and pin the paper on the cloth to secure.

When you cut, make sure there is an allowance of .5 inch :)


When you start sewing the two pieces together, make sure the "ugly" sides of the cloth are both outside. Start sewing from the middle then when you are about finish, leave about 1.5 inch space so you can turn the contents to the opposite side :D

I got lazy so I used a sewing machine hehehe

(my tutorials are for lazy BUT creatively (???) challenged people.. whut)

The space I was mentioning about.

Get the pretty side back on the surface..

YAY! You can also iron on the almost-finished detachable collar so it would look better :D

Get your hook-and-eye closure set..

I was soooo sleepy while sewing this so don't follow my ugly stitches haha

You can make a simple bow and place it right on the middle! Use some Mighty Bond / Fabric Glue (?) to paste the deco flat buttons.. or if you have real buttons, get crazy with decorating! :-)

You can also use some studs or spikes on your detachable collar,  if you want!


Hope that was a fun tutorial! Let me know if you're planning to try it out or you made one already.. :D


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