DIY Pocky Print Stuffed Bow

As you guys probably know that aside from being a Rainbowholic, I'm quite a Pockyholic as well.

A few days ago, we went to Glico Factory in Saitama and of course, I just had to make something Pocky-inspired.

And so I decided to make a squishy bow with Pocky print on it.

Actually, this tutorial is quite simple.. just an upgraded version of my nekobus plushie tutorial. ^^v

Random fact: I have a weird hobby of collecting Pocky boxes ever since I landed here in Japan.. :P

Tutorial Time!

You will need:

an old shirt you can cut strips from, iron-on transfer paper, iron, pretty fabric (a polkadot one is good).. and a needle & thread.

You need to print out your photo on a iron-on sheet. Please take note that you need to print it reversed so that when you transfer it, it will show the correct image.

(Kindly read my first iron-on sheet tutorial here so you will have a better idea.)

Also, if you want to use my Pocky collection photo, click here and here. Please only use the photos for personal purposes. :D

After ironing the print onto the fabric, let it cool off for a while before removing the glossy back sheet.

I forgot to take the photo for this step so I'll just describe it.

Your print + fabric must look like a square-ish rectangle (probably 3.5 x 4 inches for the H x W) like the one above so that when you create a bow, it will look like a pretty bow.. not a weirdly shaped bow. : ))

Put the two pretty sides inside (facing each other) and then sew around with basic stitches.

Start from the center then stop sewing and leave a 1-inch allowance for you to turn the insides (pretty sides) out.

Cut some strips from the old shirt to make some stuffing. Make it squishy!

Use any elastic band (or you can use a thread if you don't have) to tie the center and create a bow.

Back view.

Cut a strip to make the center prettier. Make sure that the strip @ the center is secured enough & movable as well so you can use the back part as well.

This can be a two-way bow! :D

Using safety pins, you can attach it to your bag, jacket, skirt.. or you can insert a ribbon on the center strip and wear this as a bow tie.

That would be a huge bow tie, haha.

Rilakkuma bag + Pocky print bow = Kawaii perfection <3

Let me know if you've made yours~


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