Kawaii DIY Detachable Ruffles (for Socks!)

If you want to add lace or ruffles to your socks the easiest way, here is one idea you can experiment with: detachable ruffles!!

My outcome is pretty crazy but this is just one way to create something unique! ^^v

Tutorial スタート!

You will be needing:

a pair of scissors, needle + thread, cute cloth cut-outs, buttons, garter...

Wear the socks you want to pair with your detachable ruffles so you will have an idea how to design it.

Cut a piece of cloth that is around 6 inches thick and fold it together. Wrap it around your ankle.

Make sure that the length of the cloth is almost twice the area of your ankle. Just wrap it twice around..? Hehehe

Lay it flat and cut it into two pieces.

"Clean the edges" by folding it and sewing basic stitches.. if you have a sewing machine it's better to use it. But if you can just do it the manual way =)


Fold the cloth together. Make sure that the ugly sides are the one outside. Sew it up as shown above ^^


This one will be a bit tricky.. fold the edges of the other side and sew it like the one you first did.

Make sure to leave  1 cm allowance first. Do not cut or make a secured loop first. Just leave it like that =)

With the garter, wrap it around your ankle. Make sure it isn't too tight / stretched out. I want my ruffles to be secured so it's a little bit tight and still comfortable =)

I forgot to mention that you will need a small safety pin for this one!

Insert the garter using the safety pin. Make sure the safety pin fits right in the middle! ^^

While you are moving the garter inside, be wary that the other end may "get lost" inside as well. Before that happens, sew and secure it first.

Then when you reach the same end, take out the pin and secure the garter's end as well. Just cut off the excess garter with the pin =)


You can leave it as it is and wear this pair of ruffles with any ruffle socks

You can also use this as a head piece or whatever =))  I want it pretty crazy so here's my outcome, hehehe~

Add bows and pretty buttons!


Feel free to comment below and share your own version of DIY detachable uffles!


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