Top 5 Cute DIY Blogs and Crafts

Hello everyone! <3

This is Kaye sensei and here are my Top 5 DIY Crafts of the week!

They're so kawaii and really fun to do! <3

We should all try these! <3 <3 <3

Here they are: 

1. DIY Lolita Shoes by <3

Her blog was super kawaii and lots of Kawaii DIY to choose from! <3

DIY Lolita Shoes

2.  Hearts and Pastel Twirls - A Shoe Painting Tutorial by


3. DIY Circle Skirt by <3

circle skirt

4. DIY Heart Pockets by nettevivante of <3


5. Choco Mint Style Stars by <3



Enjoy! :)

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