DIY Schoolgirl Bow Tie

Last night, I rediscovered a yard of satin cloth (from a recycled dress) and thought that I should make something out of it...

.... and this was the result:

DIY schoolgirl bow tie!

You can wear this using just a plain collared shirt + cardigan for an instant preppy x lolita look!

For this tutorial, I will suggest that you use a sewing machine (since satin is sometimes too flimsy).

But then again, you can just use a needle & thread.

Then get a ribbon since you will use this to hang the schoolgirl bow tie around your neck.


Hajimemashou! Let's start!

Cut a rectangular strip of satin cloth. My satin cloth has creases so it's hard to cut without following the lines.

Just estimate how long you want it to be. The actual size of the bow is around the half of this.

For a quick bow, fold the top and bottom as shown above.

The gather both sides at the center.

Follow as shown.

You can use elastic hair ties for this if you are lazy but I would suggest using thread to tie the center.


The cut another strip of cloth of your preferred length.

Check if the length is alright.

Fold it into half while the ugly side is the one outside.

Start sewing from the center towards the end. This is my technique so that the ugly parts are hidden (will show later).

You can sew this on your own without a machine just make small, tight and repetitive stitches.

Then as you approach the end (around 1 inch away), stop and sew diagonally as shown.

Then do it on the other half as well. Make sure you leave enough space at the center for later.

With your index finger, get any side of the cloth and then insert it to the hole to flip everything to the pretty side.


Flip everything to the pretty side :-D

With thread, tie the two items.

Here's a tip, use a lighter to burn the edges of the ribbon. Do it with caution.

Cut another strip (but a smaller one).

Fold it in such a way that the edges are hidden. Do as shown above.

Place the ribbon at the center and fold the satin cloth as shown.

Sew it tightly. You can include the ribbon when sewing but I suggest you just sew the satin cloth so you can use the ribbon freely.


I cut my ribbon too short for this tutorial but I suggest a longer one. This is how you will wear the schoolgirl bow tie.


If you have a sparkling gem, you can do something like this.


Don't forget to share your own version/s of schoolgirl bow tie by commenting below~ :-)


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