Kawaii Mini Tophat Tutorial

Planning to attend a lolita-themed or Harajuku steet fashion-like event? Why not make your own accessories and props? Here's a super easy tutorial on how to make a mini tophat! :-) 

During the Design Festa event ~

My Blythe modeling it for me~


You will be needing cardboard paper (any thick paper that's strong enough), plain/flat metal hair clip, scissors, felt cloth, pen, strong glue (or you can use glue gun), lace, ribbons, quirky stuff.

You will need to make two circles (one is smaller). You can use any glass or bottle to help you draw perfect circles! Hehe

My weird-looking circles..

Cut a big strip of felt do as shown above. Make sure you have allowance!

Glue both sides together.

Cut the sides and create a circle felt ring. So that you can glue the sides securely, cut as shown above.

Create a duplicate felt circle part then paste that on the "ugly" side of your base.

Next, cut a strip of cardboard paper. Roll it and make a cone out of it.. follow as shown in the photo ^^v

Stick a tape to secure.

This is the tricky part. To avoid the glue to mess up on the base part, apply the glue on the edges (towards the center). :D

Make sure you've put enough glue on the tips! Press on it for a few seconds.

Get another strip of felt and cover the cardboard paper..

Put glue on the edges..

Place the smaller circle on top of it and press lightly.

Deco time yay!

Luckily, my favorite 100 yen shop carries lace with double sided tape! So convenient~

I made it crazy with all the random stuff I have.

Glue the metal hair clip on the base. Secure it firmly!

The sides are a bit ugly so you need to perfect it with more glue on the edges. :D

I added a piggy to make it weird and fun! Haha~

Hope that was a fun tutorial, I enjoyed decorating my mini tophat!


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