Girly Stuff Storage Tips

Hello Kawaii D.I.Y. lovers! October was such a busy month for me that's why I haven't updated ;_;


To make up for the time I wasn't posting, here are some (hopefully) helpful storage tips I'd like to share~!



I found these two cute plastic baskets from a 100 yen shop (Seria)!

For your bracelets and necklaces, I think it's best to use ziplock bags and store everything in open baskets for convenience!

Buy 3 sizes of ziplock bags for your small, medium and big trinkets / necklaces~

Instead of keeping these inside a cabinet drawer, I'd suggest a basket because sometimes when you're in a hurry to pick an accessory, it's hard to choose when everything is too organized.

You can lay everything on the bed and pick an accessory for your coordinate!

For the brooches & pins, just get a felt sheet and pin everything there. You can choose to roll and store it or you can just display it securely using clothespins~

For my earrings and other small things, I bought this bead organizer from a 100 yen shop! So cute, cheap and effective!

If you have a box of chocolates that can be recycled, use it for your rings! Just remember to wipe it first with wet cloth / clean it before using.

It's easy to take a ring out and you don't need to buy~!

Yay for pretty lunchboxes!

For my big hair clips, I use a lunchbox I got for free~

You can choose to buy a clear hobby kit instead if you don't have. I didn't want to buy so I used this, hehehe.

It woud be more convenient if you store one accessory category in one kit ^^


How about you....? How do you store / organize your accessories..? I'd love to hear about it!


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