Transform Yourself Into Sailormoon!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the sudden hiatus. We had a mini revamp (new layout yay!) of Kawaii D.I.Y. to make room for future projects here! :)

Anyway, we're back! Here's a compilation of easy and Kawaii DIY hacks to transform yourself into our favorite magical girl , Sailormoon! From creating your own costume to your makeup! ^^v

Here they are!

First is from our favorite Yumi King! Here's her DIY Sailormoon dress!

yumi king sailormoon diy

Next is from Helen P. <3

Here's her DIY Sailormoon Costume!

helen P sailormoon diy

Next is from Solai-Tsukada ~

For those who struggle into making a Sailor Collar here's an easy tutorial on how to make one!


Next is from Coolirpa!

Here's her Thrifted Transformations featuring a Sailormoon Costume! Such a wonderful idea and very cheap too! <3 Check her Youtuble Channel too for more of her awesome Thrifted ideas!

sailormoon coolripa diy

sailormmon coolripa 2

Last but definitely not the least is from Noodlerella <3

Want to cosplay Sailormoon? Here's her Sailor Moon Cosplay Makeup Tutorial!

Learn the step by step way to transform yourself into Sailormoon!

sailormoon make up tutorial1

sailormoon make up tutorial3

sailormoon make up tutorial2 sailormoon make up tutorial4

And these are our personal picks for the "Transform Yourself Into Sailormoon" mini feature here at Kawaii DIY! ^^v

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