DIY Kawaii & Yummy Cake with Koara no Machi!

Do you want to surprise a friend with something you've designed / personally made on his or her birthday?

Here's a super quick & fun DIY suggestion by someone who doesn't have an oven at her place.. hehe ^^

Koala Chocolate Chiffon Cake by Kaila ~


Quick, easy.. and fun!

You need:

A plain chiffon cake / cupcake, chocolate cream, whipped cream, cornflakes / cereal ..

some m&m's (how do you call this kind haha), maccha powder (or any coffee powder sachet),

If you have some merengue (frozen icing?) at home, you can include that as well.

Of course, don't forget a pack of Koala's March (コアラのマーチ) or a Hello Panda!

I saw a 100 yen chiffon cake at LAWSON and it gave me this cake idea!

You can even divide it into two! Amazing chiffon cake for DIY lovers hahaha~

First, place the chiffon cake on top of your chosen plate. It will be hard to transfer to another plate so pick the shiniest plate! : ))

Spread the chocolate cream evenly. Watch out for calories.. hahaha~

Just do as shown above & design freely! Use cornflakes / cereals to add a unique taste for your cake!

Place the koalas, etc.

Have fun designing!

If you have a maccha / caramel coffee sachet, use it to sprinkle some color on the dark chocolate cake.

This is how it looks when you get a slice ^^

Enjoy eating and don't forget to take photos of it~ Hahaha!



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