Make a Simple Felt Bow in 3 Minutes!

I've been asked to do this tutorial by many so I thought it's about time to reveal my 3-minute DIY felt bow magic! It's super easy and you don't need a lot of stuff~

Look how a bow can make anything 100 times cuter!

Little Twin Stars bag is courtesy of my friend Leen from Doitsu Panda <3


Oshiete, カイラ!

(Oshiete means "teach me" in Japanese. Lol, I'm also teaching you guys basic Japanese with my DIY tutorials 8D )


You need felt, fabric glue (Mighty Bond / glue gun, whichever!), a pair of scissors, a pin.. and hair elastic bands. For this, I recycled my "used" ones so I won't feel bad for using the new ones.

Haha, I'm so cheap!

Make squares. Notice how imperfect I cut my pieces, haha~

Fold it into half to make the bow look proportional.

Do as shown..

Tie the center of the bow using the elastic band! I don't recommend rubber band because it's too thick..

Cut a strip of felt. Make sure it's estimate to be a bit longer.

Do as is.

Put some glue! Make sure that the center strip is firmly placed (it doesn't rotate). Cut the "allowance" if there is.

Make it look pretty~

You can now use this bow anywhere you want!

If you have a canvas bag where you can poke a pin into, use it!

Here's what it looks inside. I don't sew my pins on my bows since I want to reuse the felt bows in different styles/ places.

You can also make a felt bow bracelet with this ^^v

Knot it as shown above.

Then secure the bow by twisting it to the band itself.

Imagine this in your super dainty outfit. Looks adorable right?

Not all bows have squared corners. Here's another suggestion by カイラ! ^^v


Have fun!


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