Simple Garter Skirt Tutorial (with Kero-chan!)

Ohisashiburi~! Waaah ;_; Gomen ne for the sudden hiatus! I've been wanting to post a Kawaii D.I.Y. tutorial but my new big project has been keeping me away from my craft materials  >_<

I surely missed doing this!! :")


 For this tutorial, Sensei カイラ would like to thank for generously sponsoring this メチャメチャ kawaii / kirei cherry blossom fabric! It's really soft and made of quality!

♥ I really, really love it! ♥

I also "remade" the plain white sweater with iron-on transfer ^^ I printed my favorite Cardcaptor Sakura art from Clamp to add an ota-cute touch to the coordinate. :")

I'm wearing Enji's pastel suki  (すき)earring perfect for SPRING! ^_~

I added some bows using the fabric too (used safety pins to attach).

Click here for the (similar) bow tutorial! <3

1, 2, 3.. Tutorial スタート!

For this tutorial, Kero-chan shall be assisting me.. hehe. Yay! ♥

Super pretty fabric with golden border accents! I cannot wait to wear this out during hanami season!! :D


I will try to keep this tutorial short and simple since garter skirt is the easiest skirt to make.

Find an interesting patterned fabric + garter = a "conversation starter" skirt!

I'm not really an OC person / a perfectionist so I just estimate every measurement to save time (and so that my brain can do some thinking exercises lol).

If you want a fluffier skirt, a longer width is suggested. For this one, I think it's just twice my waist size^^

For the length, estimate + add 2.5 / 3 in. allowance would be good :D

Time for some sewing! Actually, when I didn't have a sewing machine before, I really sewed my first garter skirts by hand !! *_*

It is possible but you just really have to dedicate time and so much effort. :-)



.. back to the tutorial hehehe.

We will first combine the both ends by sewing those two together. Of course, the "ugly sides" of the fabric should be facing you :-)


I folded & sewed it again because I don't like the rough edges. :-)

Make the side edges (bottom part / "knee side") clean and pretty.

Fold it once then secure the creases by using a pen / edge of the scissors.

Then fold it another time so that the rough edges will be hidden totally.


For me, it's more convenient to secure this by basting / stitches rather than pins.



(Forgot to make the stitches smaller -_- )

Time to "garterize"!! :D

Wrap the garter around your waist. Remember, not too tight nor too loose! :-)

Make sure you have 2cm allowance ^^

Safety pin is always a D.I.Y. buddy! Pin one side of the garter as shown in the photo.

The other side will be sewn on the fabric itself. Place it below as demonstrated in the photo.

(Okay, I have an honest mistake here. I forgot to sew on the pretty side of the "connected" part. >_< Not really a big deal though.. )

After sewing that, fold the top part down. Make sure that the garter's width will fit!

Notice that I used the "clean edge" of the fabric for the garter part.

Having the clean edge for placing the garter is more convenient than the other way around. :D

Just a tip~

Once you reach the other end...

It's time to insert the garter ~

Safety pins, thanks for existing and making life easier. Hehehe~

After you reach the end, just sew and secure the remaining parts as exhibited above.

YAY DONE! Super easy, deshou?

Also, if you notice.. I sewed another line for the bottom edges. I wanted the skirt to look more crisp and clean so I did that~ hehe.

Really simple and easy!!

Wear a fluffy skirt / petticoat below to add more "bounce"~ <3

Please don't forget to let me know your thoughts about this tutorial!

If you created your own skirt, please do share the link! I would love to see it!! :D


Have fun, fashionable DIY lover!



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