Spooky-cute Halloween Cupcake Toppers (ft. JapanLover.me)

Halloween is fast approaching and here's a super easy Kawaii D.I.Y. tutorial that I came up with!

I got inspired to use this printable sticker sheet from Japan Lover Me. <3

Here's the outcome! You can have a Spooky-themed cupcake party with this simple DIY idea! :)


Tutorial スタート!

You will need:

The print-out sheet, toothpicks (I ran out of the simple ones), tape and a pair of scissors!

Cut out the icons nicely.. ~

Use tape to stick the cut-out and the toothpick together...

... and you have a pretty cupcake topper now!

Just hide the back part, haha! :D

You can also try printing out other goodies from Japan Lover Me goodie pages~!

Kawaii | Cool | Otaku

And there you go~!


Have a Happy Halloween guys!!


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