DIY Kawaii & Chunky Deco iPhone Case

Ever wanted to purchase a deco phone case but you thought it was just tooooo way out of your budget / your phone is different....?  Here's an easy & fun DIY tutorial I've come up with~ ^^v 

After making one, I think I'm gonna make a lot and sell : ))


How to..?

You will need:

Hello Kitty stickers from a reader (Celina) + plain phone case (which I got for 100 yen!) + your nail polish collection

Don't use expensive nail polish because it would be too wasteful.

Glue gun and glue sticks. I used colored glue sticks.. but you can also opt to just use the simple ones.

Beads & buttons..

Saw this 100 yen iPhone case from a gun toy shop (the random places I go to, haha)..

Paint the base with sufficient amount of nail polish..

Only paint the top side..  the sides will be for the last steps.

Stick on your favorite stickers, etc.

Use a mighty bond to secure the buttons / objects on the plastic case.

Have fun while doing this!

With the colored glue stick, you can create a icing-like design.

Basically just stick everything on the plastic phone case.

With a glitter nail polish, put some sparkly glaze on top.

Just treat it as a canvas and play with everything you have!



Don't forget to paint the sides as well with nail polish. Just leave it dry for a couple of hours (to be safe) ^^v


先生 カイラ

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