Kawaii Deco Domo-kun Keychain!

Here's a really easy & chunky Deco Domo-kun that I recently designed. ☆ I had so much fun doing it! Hoping this post would be convincing enough for you to create your customized Domoくん as well~ ^^v

Looks a bit different to the original Domo-kun (NHK's kawaii character) but it still looks pretty good.

... I think.

White domo as my inspiration.

(This was a signed gift from Tokyo Kawaii TV. For some reason, one of my DIY projects got featured? My brother tried submitting one of my DIY ideas and it got in!! : )) )

Basically all you'll be needing are:

felt cloth strips, a pair of scissors, craft glue, deco buttons, needle & thread, ball chain for the keychain strap (not in the photo) & other decorative stuff you have =)

Of course, you need a Domo-kun basis!

I will be using these cute macarons from Kawaii Cloud. THANK YOU PATI!

You can use ruffled laces as skirt for Domo-kun. He will be called as Domo-chan then, haha.

(lame humor -_-)

Cut two rectangular strips. Any size will do..

Try your best to make the corners rounded.. obviously, I'm not a perfectionist. :))

Then cut four strips as shown above.

Showing my fingers so that you'll be able to estimate the size of the strips.

The fat strips would be for Domo's legs.


And then cut as shown =)

Rather than cutting everything into two sides, this way is better!

Cut a different/same color of felt for the strap holder.

When sewing, always keep in mind that you have to hide the ugly knots! By starting from the inside, you'll be able to hide the thread knot.


Do as shown in the photo above. Basic stitches are alright! You can try tightening it more by pulling the thread.. It will make your plushie-like Domo to look more compressed.

If you have felt scraps, extra.. cut those into small strips.

Use those for stuffing!

Unfinished Domo..

Sew everything like this~

You can now start designing your Domo! =)

Since the black felt is a bit messy, I opted to use buttons instead..

Monster Domo teeth.. tried my best *_*

Using craft glue (for felt / fabric), place the buttons, felt cut-outs on Domoちゃん〜

Looks a wee bit different because my Domo has heart eyes =))

As you can see, I enjoyed deco-ing too much..

Use jump rings to attach other elements. I use this pair of special jewelry pliers..

With Kaila-style Domo-chan + NHK's white Domo-kun :))

Attach the keychain to your bag .. and off you go! ^^v☆

Don't forget to comment if you want to share your own Domo-kun alright? :D


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