Kawaii Rainbow Loom Bands Tutorial

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Loom bands are such a kawaii accessory, specially the Rainbow loom bands! :D

So, Hi, I'm Kaye and I'm going to teach you how to make a Triple Single Rainbow Loom! Yay! ♥

For this DIY you will only need your Rainbow Loom Kit!

(๑★ .̫ ★๑)


★ Let's Start ★


First, arrange your colors according to the rainbow pattern that you like~

I arranged mine according to this order:

Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink.


1. After arranging your elastics, prepare your loomband maker, position it so that the pegs are facing away from you. Like this in the photo. :D

Place your orange elastics on the first peg diagonally, do it with the second and third :D


2. Now, put the yellow elastics on the second row of pegs, now put it straight from the 2nd row of pegs to the 3rd row, like as shown in the photo :3


Continue putting your elastics through the top of the loom :D


3. Now, at the end of the loom, put the elastics diagonally just like on the first row of looms :D


4. Get an elastic, and twist it like this and put in the last middle peg :D


Like this! :D


This is how it should look like :D Look at that rainbow colors :3


5. Put elastics straight on every row of pegs :D Like this. :3



6. After finishing putting your elastics on pegs, Turn your loom around, so that the pegs are now facing you. It's now time for the magic :D Using the hook, starting from the bottom, go under the orange band to grab the pink band, and hook it over the next peg. It should look like a teardrop, like this :D


7. Continue doing this with all the colors all through up the top.


8. This is what it looks like till you reach the top of the pegs.

15   16

9. Now, get an and your hook, put the hook on the last middle peg, go under the elastics, and pull the elastic half way and get the other half, it should look like this on the photo. Don’t let it slide from your hook. This will be your lock  as you remove your bracelet from the loom.


10. Now, pull the elastics out of the loom. Do it carefully, you don’t want your elastics to break. Don’t let the elastic slide from your hook.


It will look like this after pulling it out from the loom. It's too small right? Don't worry were not done yet :D


11. Now, put elastics again to your loom, do it like this, just put it straight from peg to peg. 8 elastics are enough for an ordinary wrist :D 6 for kids :)


12. Put your unfinished bracelet on the 8th peg.


13. Now, turn around your loom so the pegs are now facing you. Pull the bottom elastic over the next peg. Do it till the 2nd to the last peg. For the last peg, pull it over to it's side to the peg beside it. And put the clip lock there :D As shown in the picture :D


14. Pull out the bracelet from the loom. And attach the other side to the other :D connect it using the clips as lock :D


Tadaaa! This is your finished Rainbow Triple Single Loom Bracelet! :D Share it with your Rainbowholic friends as your friendship bracelet! :D


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