☆ Make Your Own Cute Graphic Shirt Using Iron-on Transfer Papers! ☆

How about turning your old white tee to something more interesting like a DIY graphic shirt? You don't need to have your design printed somewhere expensive + sometimes, fabric pens are too tacky to use.. >_< Whenever I need a customized shirt for a presentation (back in college), I would use iron-on transfer sheets to make personalized shirts.

Now you can proudly tell people (when they ask you about your shirt) that it is your design!


Let's Start!

First, you need iron-on transfer papers. I suggest getting an A4 size if you want a huge print on your DIY shirt. You can print many designs in one page then just cut those out separately to save the paper.

You can buy iron-on transfers in eBay, amazon, stationary stores / bookstores..

There was a mistake when I was printing. Print your design that is FLIPPED HORIZONTALLY so that if you place it on the shirt, it will show the right side.

For this, I didn't notice that I printed it out as it is.. good thing it still looks good flipped! But the Cherry Blossom Girl text is spelled backwards, haha.

Of course, you need an iron & an ironing board. Or you can just find a sturdy cardboard for support.

Cut your design and make sure to allot an allowance. Those white parts will be transparent so don't worry!

Place your design where you want it to be and turn it on the opposite side (back side of the design).

Usually, iron-on transfer sheets include another special paper. Make sure that the glossy side of that special paper is facing the shirt.

Iron it for 3-5 minutes (don't let the iron stay on the paper/shirt for so long.. you have to move it). Observe if it sticks well.

Cool it down for a minute or so. Then iron again to safely secure the print. The cool it down for another minute.

This is the fun part! But do it with caution. If you aren't confident on removing the back sheet, iron it again as explained in the previous steps.

Peel off when the ironed area has already cooled down.. just to be safe ^^

Yay! It's looking good! Usually, Iron-on transfers only work best on white shirts (since it will have an awkward translucent effect on colored shirts)   ^^

When washing your shirt, please refer to the instructions (if there is any) of your iron-on transfer brand. I think that hand-wash would be the best : )

Have you tried this before? If you did, you can share it here by commenting below ^^


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