Quick Kawaii Fix For Dresses That Don’t Fit!

Dress doesn't fit? Try out this super easy kawaii fix!

A super cute thrifted pastel grunge tube dress from a thrift store I bought years / 25 pounds ago.

Quick Fix Instructions:

  1. Remove the zipper from the back using a seam ripper.
  2. With a pencil, draw light outlines for the "cut holes" you will be tearing later with the seam ripper.
  3. Estimate the length of the ribbon you will be using when you "lace it up" to make a corset-like back. Excess is better than having not enough.
  4. Start "lacing it up" from the bottom holes. The process of tying your shoelaces is the same. ^^

TIP: Cover with tape the both ends of the lace so it will be easier for you to insert it into the cut holes. Burn the ends of the lace so that it wouldn't mess up along the way. ♥

How's that? ;-)



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4 thoughts on “Quick Kawaii Fix For Dresses That Don’t Fit!

  • Kaila~ I just love how creative you are and how you dress up! Every time I surf the Internet, first thing I do is check your website. \(^A^)/ I’m indeed your fan. Keep up the good work~

  • I love these ideas of yours! I love doing stuff with my hands, and reading through all your DIY-stuff has given me plenty of ideas. :)

    With this dress-idea, that is otherwise great, I would have suggested that you had sewn the holes to stop them from coming apart, or maybe used some small metallic rings on them. :)

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