Jeremy Scott-Inspired DIY Winged Sneakers

If you are a big fan of Jeremy Scott but you are broke to buy a pair of any of his famous / signature winged sneakers...

Here's a KAWAII D.I.Y. suggestion by Sensei カイラ!

Winged sneakers with lots of colorful love <3

Super easy and it only took me less than an hour to do this!

Fly Away!

You will be needing:

Your favorite sneakers, white felt  cloth, a pair of scissors, puncher, craft glue (which you can use for sticking felt cloth and paper together), white cardboard

(I used the free cardboard from an A4 paper bundle) ^^v

and of course, some colorful beads!

Fold your cardboard into two. Draw your preferred wing on the dirty side...

Remember, keep the white side clean!

Cut it out

Then divide wings into half~

Glue both sides on the white felt paper

Straighten it up.

Then do it on the other side as well.

Since it's hard to see when you cut the outline, place the wing above the lights and cut with caution.

Secure other places by using glue : )

You can also try this more efficient way! Glue both sides together!

Easier, right?

Here are your two wings.

Remove the shoelaces then retain the last pair of holes.

I will be demonstrating how to attach the right wing on the right shoe. Make sure what's on top is the "clean part" of the wing (meaning, the one with the white side of the cardboard)..

Place the wing accordingly. The dirty side of the wing should be facing you. Use a ballpen to mark the holes you will be punching into.

I didn't include the first and last holes because I wanted to give allowances.

I used a special hole-maker for this since my puncher wasn't working.

Since the holes were too small for the shoelaces, I just made the holes bigger using the tip of the scissors. Please do with caution!


This is the fun time! Installing the wing on the shoe~


If you want to keep it simple, it's up to you!

I wanted to give it a "rainbowholic feel" so... : ))

Let me know your thoughts about this Kawaii D.I.Y. suggestion~ <3


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