DIY Ripped Galaxy Jeans

There have been many times when I'd almost buy a pair of galaxy tights or jeans from an online shop..... but for some reason, the thought that I can just "do it my own" would always bug me as well! And finally, I've done it! So happy with the result and how much it had just cost me.. which was only the time of doing it. Didn't spend a single yen~! Weee~

(faint) galactic splash on a second-hand pair of skinny jeans!


First of all, you need to sacrifice one of your sister's dark skinny jeans.

If you have acrylic paint (substitute for fabric paint) or any kind of paint that can't be removed through washing, it's time to reuse those again...

Bring out your pair of scissors, cutter & cheap paintbrushes at home!

First of all, you need the courage to make your first cut. Haha, just kidding.. ANYWAY-

Fold the "top" of your jeans halfway and cut a bit with scissors.

Don't overdo the cutting part because you can just rip the whole bigger when you fit it.

Don't rip too much or else it would look awkward.. but it's really up to you.

Just cut, cut, cut.. without hesitation but of course, with imagination that you are wearing it. Haha~

You can also use a cutter for this to make the ripped parts grungy or edgy.. don't know what kind of adjective I should use but I hope you get my point. :P

Sorry for the dark photo, but I hope you can see the parts where I strategically placed the cuts.

Don't forget the back part as well!


Here's my awkward left hand demonstrating how you should splash the paint.

I think that white / metallic silver / metallic gold paint would look the best on jeans!

My attempt to make the solid colors get absorbed by the jeans.

Looks like the yellow, red, blue and other non-metallic colors I had aren't that effective on fabric.

I just splashed and splashed paint on it. I love how imperfect (and crappy) it looks!

Ironically, this is what I call "perfect!" : ))

I added some silver bows here and there, as you can see.

And then I intentionally splashed blue paint on the denim. Since it fades away so fast, I put a lot of blue paint.

Here is my Picasso art. : ))


Here's the final product of ripping and paint splashing. I had this pair dried first for about an hour or  so before washing this again.

The paint's smell was too strong and I wanted to see the real results that's why I threw the jeans first inside the washing machine before wearing.


Hope this gave you an idea on how to be creative with your old jeans. Just keep on remaking & remaking, and you'll never run out of "new" jeans~


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