Surrounding The World With Cuteness (And Saving Girls From Boredom)

A forever rainbowholic and a kawaii lover, Japan-based blogger Kaila / カイラ tries to transform the world into a more cheerful place to live in… with cuteness.


 Kawaii D.I.Y. aims to inspire its readers to make simple yet creative projects while promoting eco-friendliness and self-productivity at the same time.


Save money,

reduce your room junk,

and come up with something quirky or fashionable -

by doing iyour own.

The Idea Inception

I've always enjoyed creating things out of random stuff (perfect example: trash) + personalizing everything that I have.

I do that mainly because... 

  1. ...out of boredom.
  2. I don't have money / too frugal to spend on something I think I could create on my own.
  3. I love all things cute!
  4. It saves all my junk I'd refuse to throw out.

Introducing my matchbox camera I made years ago.

During that time, miniature slr camera accessories were so rare & expensive! I was just a student with sufficient allowance so I had to be extra careful with budgeting my money.

And then.. 

I saw an empty matchbox at home. Did some paper mache and  used the remaining black paint I had from my Prang watercolor (using it way back when I was in elementary!).

The white polkadots were done using a correction fluid / pen.

If you don't have a camera/dslr as at present. here's one for the moment. ;D

Got a second-hand Wacom tablet (my first ever which lasted over 3 years?) from my brother.

It looked too boring + I was so bored so.. : )

Pop Art + Self-portraits were my thing before.

Sewed that camera on the black shirt : )

I couldn't sleep properly because my eye mask had gone missing... so I made one for myself.

With robot eyes! Haha~

Bought a pair of cheap Advan flats and drew doodles on it.

Transformed my dirty and plain chucks to a rainbowholic one ;-D

Bought cheap (around a dollar only?) polkadotted shoelaces to make it cuter.


With just creativity and readily-available stuff from your home, you can modify something using your own style. : )


And I will be your Sensei.


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8 thoughts on “Surrounding The World With Cuteness (And Saving Girls From Boredom)

  • I also have a Wacom drawing tablet. I had a couple of questions I was very curious about. Could you answer them for me?
    How exactly did you manage to decorate it like that?
    Does it still work even with all the decorations on it?
    I’m only asking because I find mine really boring too, I wanna make it kawaii to give it some personality~! I hope you can help me~! (^ㅂ^ )

  • I’m asking dad to buy me a wacom tab LOL.
    You really inspired me! Im goin’ to buy a sneaks and paint on it too!.. Only,i dunno where 2 buy cute shoelaces!
    And I made a match box cam too! You should check it out! My mom says that you’re a great start to make my life more imaginable,and responsible! Because she said that I learn things from you!

  • I totally love your amazing blog, just found it and will come back for sure! Enjoy your day, you are awesome and kawaii! :)

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