Kawaii DIY Christmas Wrapper


Hello everyone! <3


This is Kaye Sensei! (゚v゚=)

Christmas is just a few days left and are you ready? (〃・ω・)ノ・:*:・゚

゚・:*:・。(〃・ω・)ノ由☆*:;;;:*Merry X’mas*:;;;:*☆由ヽ(・ω・〃)。・:*:・゚

And It's the Gift-giving season again! <3


And because it's the season again, I'm going to teach you on how to make your very own Christmas Wrapper! <3

Gifts with a personal touch is always always always much appreciated! <3

So, let's begin! <3





★ 4 pcs. of Bond Paper / or any paper you want :D

★ Glue

★ Cardboard

★ Scissors

★ Paint

★ Water

★ Paintbrush

★ Sponge

★ Pencil

★ Paper tape


Let's Start! <3

*✲゚ First, get your Bond Papers.


*✲゚ Glue them together to create a much bigger paper :D ( You don't need to this if your paper is already big :D)

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