Meiji’s Kinoko no Yama Chocolate Kit Review by Kaila


Hello Kawaii D.I.Y. and fellow crafters! Kaila-sensei here! (•ૢ⚈͒⌄⚈͒•ૢ)

For today's fun post, I'm going to share my kawaii experience through photos with this chocolate biscuit kit from Meiji ~

This was a gift from my sister-in-law, Mimi Claire! I think that this is perfect for the Valentine Season! : )

Instant yet personalized, haha!

You can get Cookin' Make Kinoko No Yama from Amazon!


Here are the package contents. Yay!


As shown in the illustration, I just poured hot water in a cup.

Then melt the chocolate by immersing the sticks ~




After 5 minutes or so, the chocolate easily melted and ready for molding!



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Kawaii Food DIY by Mimiclaire Sweets!

Hello Hello Hello! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

Today is Kawaii food DIY Wednesday! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

Every Wednesday we will be featuring Yummy and easy Tutorials of Kawaii Food by talented people in the internet! (/^▽^)/ YUM YUM! ❤

For this week, we will be featuring Mimiclaire Sweets!



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DIY Kawaii & Yummy Cake with Koara no Machi!

Do you want to surprise a friend with something you've designed / personally made on his or her birthday?

Here's a super quick & fun DIY suggestion by someone who doesn't have an oven at her place.. hehe ^^

Koala Chocolate Chiffon Cake by Kaila ~


Quick, easy.. and fun!

You need:

A plain chiffon cake / cupcake, chocolate cream, whipped cream, cornflakes / cereal ..

some m&m's (how do you call this kind haha), maccha powder (or any coffee powder sachet),

If you have some merengue (frozen icing?) at home, you can include that as well.

Of course, don't forget a pack of Koala's March (コアラのマーチ) or a Hello Panda!

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