Kawaii DIY Detachable Ruffles (for Socks!)

If you want to add lace or ruffles to your socks the easiest way, here is one idea you can experiment with: detachable ruffles!!

My outcome is pretty crazy but this is just one way to create something unique! ^^v

Tutorial スタート!

You will be needing:

a pair of scissors, needle + thread, cute cloth cut-outs, buttons, garter...

Wear the socks you want to pair with your detachable ruffles so you will have an idea how to design it.

Cut a piece of cloth that is around 6 inches thick and fold it together. Wrap it around your ankle.

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Plushies On Your Favorite Sneakers!

Hello everyone! Here's a crazy kawaii DIY suggestion from your sensei Kaira~


And by the way....  those are DIY shoelaces too!


Let's Start!

You will be needing:

Old / cheap plushies (small size) + small or medium-sized safety pins, ribbon lace, scotch tape.. and some colorful rings (optional).

And of course, bring out your favorite sneaks! I'll be using my favorite floral platform shoes ^^v

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