Easy DIY Character Plushie Accessory

Hello~! For today's Kawaii D.I.Y. tutorial, I will teach you how to make a character plushie out of iron-on transfer sheet and an old shirt!

Actually, I didn't exactly plan to make a tutorial out of this but I thought you guys would be interested.. so I'm posting this.. yay!

I went to Ghibli museum with my friends so I just had to be in complete My Neighbor Totoro fan coordinate! :D

It was my second time to go and I wanted a nekobus accessory to wear.. I didn't want to buy so instead, I just made one for myself.

I never thought this would become a tutorial so I forgot to take photos from the start.. but thankfully...

 ... I already made an iron-on transfer tutorial before!  Please check it out first ^^v

First of all, you need to print your character on a iron-on transfer sheet. You can buy this from your local bookstores or even online.

Make sure you print it with a "reverse" setting since you will be transferring the print flipped (you don't want that).

Use an old shirt you wouldn't mind tearing apart. Cut out the character and iron it on. You can use a clean sheet of paper on top of the cut-out so that it will be protected (just in case the iron will be too hot!).

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Plushies On Your Favorite Sneakers!

Hello everyone! Here's a crazy kawaii DIY suggestion from your sensei Kaira~


And by the way....  those are DIY shoelaces too!


Let's Start!

You will be needing:

Old / cheap plushies (small size) + small or medium-sized safety pins, ribbon lace, scotch tape.. and some colorful rings (optional).

And of course, bring out your favorite sneaks! I'll be using my favorite floral platform shoes ^^v

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