DIY Ripped Galaxy Jeans

There have been many times when I'd almost buy a pair of galaxy tights or jeans from an online shop..... but for some reason, the thought that I can just "do it my own" would always bug me as well! And finally, I've done it! So happy with the result and how much it had just cost me.. which was only the time of doing it. Didn't spend a single yen~! Weee~

(faint) galactic splash on a second-hand pair of skinny jeans!


First of all, you need to sacrifice one of your sister's dark skinny jeans.

If you have acrylic paint (substitute for fabric paint) or any kind of paint that can't be removed through washing, it's time to reuse those again...

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☆ Make Your Own Cute Graphic Shirt Using Iron-on Transfer Papers! ☆

How about turning your old white tee to something more interesting like a DIY graphic shirt? You don't need to have your design printed somewhere expensive + sometimes, fabric pens are too tacky to use.. >_< Whenever I need a customized shirt for a presentation (back in college), I would use iron-on transfer sheets to make personalized shirts.

Now you can proudly tell people (when they ask you about your shirt) that it is your design!


Let's Start!

First, you need iron-on transfer papers. I suggest getting an A4 size if you want a huge print on your DIY shirt. You can print many designs in one page then just cut those out separately to save the paper.

You can buy iron-on transfers in eBay, amazon, stationary stores / bookstores..

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Kawaii Remake: Pastel Pink Mushroom Beret

My first mushroom beret from my DIY entry for the Kawaii International contest was quite a hit so I thought I should share how I did it! It's really just simple~ :-)

Super girly in pastel pink! *_*

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